All quiet at
I do apologise. I moved into college on Sunday afternoon & I have no real internet access there, so things are probably going to have to slow down to about 2 entries a week. Bummer! I am looking into wire-free internet at the moment though, so hopefully I will get myself online properly soon.
Exciting times at the moment! I just survived Greek week. It is amazing how much you can learn when you really have to. I started the week thinking that if I could get the alphabet in both cases, then I would be happy. By the end of the week, we had covered Nouns of the first & second declention, done a bunch of verb conjugations & all kinds of other crazy stuff.. Man it is messed with my mind though! If any of you see me, you can ask me to explain my phonetic song of “loo-oh, loo-ehs, loo-eh, loo-omen, loo-ete, loo-osen, loo-soo, loo-sehs, loo-say, loo-somen, loo-set, loo-sosen”
The guys in my dorm are pretty awesome. We bonded pretty much straight away, over a game of “Risk” and have been up to all kinds of hijinx since. Lots of games, lots of encouragement to study & (thankfully, for my future fitness levels) lots of tip footy to be had!
On Tuesday night I got to go and see “Third Day” play live at Hillsong. It was a pretty good concert (though very loud! Even the young people said that) and I also got to see “Rookie”and “Audio Adrenelin”. It was also a nice time to hang out with N8 and Amy and Kirsty, who then came & took pictures of Sydney Harbour with me afterwards.
Today (Saturday) is another busy day. I have had an early morning, heading out to “Office works” to pick up some bits & pieces, then to Chatswood to get some memory cards for Greek Vocab & a proper keyboard for my laptop. Now I am hanging out at my brother’s place before I head to y Godson’s first birthday party! good times!
Here are a couple of pictures that capture a little of what the week has been about.

SMBC. My home for the next three years.

There will be many late nights under this light globe, studying away!

The object of my attention. for the last week. Greek vocab.

“Third Day” rocking it out on Tuesday night!

All work & all play would make this a dull blog! Tip footy is a nice break from study. It is also nice to see smiles on the faces of the players!

One of the few occasions where a Photoshop filter looked much cooler than the original. The top of lamp in my room.
Keep on reading people, more blogs to come!


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  1. dude,
    just wanted to say nice blog – good mix of info & photo. i think we have come to expect this level of quality from
    i especially like the light bulb & your greek page.
    anyhoo, i have nothing else of note to add, other than that, courtesy of the birthday treats of amy, i also now own ‘risk’, if anyone is up for a game!!!

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