Back so soon

I wont bore you with the little details of my last day in Bangkok. The basics of it were only having 3 hours of sleep the night before, dodgy breakfast because it was really bust at 9:30am, having a new suit delivered at 11, and running into my old mate Doogie at the airport.
My 9 hour flight “flew” by itself. Definately aided by “I Heart Huckabees” and “Napoleon Dynamite” (you’re right Mic, I don’t really dig it). I had my first bad meal with QANTAS for breakfast though. Everything had either Pineapple of milk in it, so I had to survive on Orange juice.
I didn’t have to worry too much about not eating on the plane, because, after struggling through the usual convoluted Australian entr process, my parents picked me up & the first stop was a cafe for breakfast! We went to “Xenos” in Crows Nest. We all used to live near there only 5 short years ago, so Mum & Dad could share in the wierdness of being gone, but now being back.
Half an hour later I had already found the car I’m hoping to buy (We’ll find out today), and I had fallen in love in a major way! I had already met her when she was a baby, but to have my 6 month old Niece Charlotte in my arms again was unbelievable! I don’t think I can put into words the joy I feel in my heart when I see my nieces and nephews.
Well now it is 6:22am on the Saturday morning. I woke at 5:20 & got the feeling that that was the only sleep I was going to get. I’m loving being back to summer. After Edinburgh’s windy days & frosty nights, it is good times to have dinner out in the cabana (sp?) and then go for a swim with my little bro Phil. I was worried about feeling sad to have my big adventure over. I certainly do miss quite a few people in Scotland, and if I weren’t living in OZ, then Scotland would be my No.1 choice, but I have to say, rather than feeling sad, I am excited at the opportunities that lie before me for the next year and beyond!
No end to the blog for me. Time overseas is always exciting, but when you have an awesome family, gorgeous nieces and nephew & the worlds best friends, who could blame a man for being more excited about coming home?


3 thoughts on “Back so soon

  1. Hey No.2, it’s so great to have you back home! Can you send me your telephone details so we can catch up ASAP…I’ll be looking forward to hearing everything.
    God bless, The Captain.

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