Fun & Frustration

Well Bangkok really is just like the title of this post. There is lots of fun stuff to do & see & some nice little bargains to find, but at the same time, everyone and I mean EVERYONE wants to rip you off. I am pretty sure I have been taken for a ride on several different (and sometimes elaborate) occasions, but to a certain extent, there is nothing you can do….
I am one of those guys who likes to quietly browse, so to make me really happy in a shop, all I need is for someone to let me know that they are there for my questions & then just leave me to my shopping. It doesn’t work that way in Bangkok. Every street has people grabbing at you. If you make eye contact with someone, they are likely to be a Tuk Tuk driver who will follow you for 3 blocks,tell you that you are going in the wrong direction & then try & cut you off with their vehicle (it actually happened to me).
I think I am feeling a little like I did in Hong Kong a couple of years ago. It has been a long 6 months & I am looking forward to going home, so I am just not that interested. Couple this with not having someone here with me to share the experience & I am pretty much over Bangkok!
Of course, at the same time, it is all worth it! After many years of waiting & looking, I finally found and bought a “Calvin & Hobbes” T-shirt.
Simple things….


One thought on “Fun & Frustration

  1. Whenever I travel to Asian tourist destinations, I am always overcome by the fact the natives don’t recognise “personal space” – here in Australia, we have a huge area of “personal space” around our bodies and others only “invade” that space when invited! however, this does not apply in Asia, where they push up RIGHT NEXT TO YOU! – it’s very confronting…. still, enjoy your last moments of freedom, and we’ll see you tomorrow at 6.25!

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