Exciting news

There is a whole lot that I could write about the last three days that I have been home. I could happily write about how much I have become aware of the smells of Australia, like Eucalyptus when you pass some trees, or the smell of ozone floating up from a hot road when the rain starts to fall, but such thoughts, like the smells themselves, just evaporate tonight.
There is lots of stuff to write about stuff happening at church, my new role as the youth minister, and all of the parish movements over the last 6 months, but for a rare change, my thoughts about Church can wait till tomorrow.
Even telling stories about the new car that I bought on Saturday & will be picking up tomorrow can wait till later.
The pages I could dedicate to excitement I have at looking back at 6 months of photos, or the volumes I could write about how my heart aches when I see my niece Charlotte smile at me? It all pales into insignificance. Stories to be filed away for another day, or possibly forgotten all together!
What could make this happen to Tim today?
Cate, one of my oldest & bestest friends, and her awesome husband Dan told me that they/she are pregnant!
Congrats Cate & Dan! Awesome news!

Cate & I on the day of her wedding!

Charlotte & I yesterday morning.


7 thoughts on “Exciting news

  1. Holy COW!!!! I actually gasped when I read that! That’s so exciting!!! Please give my love and congratulations to Cate and Dan!!! Could I get any more exclaimation points in this??!! I THINK NOT?!!!
    (I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited for someone being pregnant that I only know vicariously….!)

  2. Hey tim,
    glad to hear you got home safetly! your niece charlotte is adorable!! she is really one of the cutest babies i’ve seen. i can understand how proud you are! 🙂 have a great week!

  3. There’s no place like home… There’s no place like home..
    Hearing Aussie voices and seeing familiar sights. There is nothing better than retuning home. Welcome back.

  4. Welcome home Tim. I’ve been reading your site a bit, and will continue to do so. Incidentally, we’re enjoying our Mac

  5. Yes, there is no place like home, and being away makes you appreciate it even more. I’m gld you’ve made it home safely from your adventure. I didn’t realise you were taking a position as a youth minister, cool.

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