Time has come to an end

6 Months later, many friends gained, one girlfriend lost, 10 countries visited (and one more to go), and not enough greek-language study done!
It has been a pretty awesome six months. I have really enjoyed myself here in Edinburgh & everywhere I have been in Scotland & Europe. I fly out to London & then on to Bangkok this evening. I met an Aussie guy in a pub the other night & he offered to take me with him to Phuket for a week to help rebuild a mates house, but I just don’t think I will have the time, even if QANTAS would change over my ticket, so it looks like I will be home by Friday morning.
So much I could say & so many pictures to post that I don’t think I will even start. It’s been a pleasure.
I hope to have internet access in Thailand, otherwise, I will catch you people this Friday!


5 thoughts on “Time has come to an end

  1. No.2,
    I’m so looking forward to your return – catching up over a few ales, seeing the pics, hearing the news, and discussing the Lord – and wish you the safest trip home. God bless, The Cap’n.

  2. Hope it’s a safe flight, the Chatsvegas pad open to you if you’re in need of a place to crash, catch you sometime soon.

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