Black, White & Crazy Colours

OK, my question for the day is whether or not people actually care if I write a small explanation underneath my photos. I read a lot of photo blogs & I appear to be one of the few who actuallly explians what he is posting. Mystery, or History? You decide!

Chillin’ in a Ping-Pong club. Berlin

Carlton Hill, Edinburgh.

The North Bridge, Edinburgh.


5 thoughts on “Black, White & Crazy Colours

  1. Yep, history…. we haven’t all travelled to where you have been and so some idea of what we are looking at is good… even though some of the pictures “speak for themselves” – I still say, History, not Mystery!

  2. Tim, def’ comments! gives the picture a lot more meaning.
    just back at work after a week in Byron with Bairdy, AJT, and Dancin’ Daz, good fun.

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