The real traveller

I’ve met all kinds of cool people so far since I have been travelling. The Mormon who was addicted to classic heavy metal, entered France illegally and slept in an abandoned castle. I met the Brittish guy dating the Japanese girl travelling the world & working out how to communicate to each other. I’ve also met the American snowboarder who came to Switzerland for the snow, before actually looking to see if there was really any snow in Switzerland in December (He just found 60 runs in Zammat & is very happy).
The most interesting person so far though would have to be Josh.
Josh has been travelling for two months. When I first entered the hostel room in Nice, Josh had his daypack on his bed. Josh doesn’t have any other baggage. Josh is a REAL traveller.
Two pairs of pants, three T-shirts, lots of socks and undies. He also carried a jacket & a rain coat. a side pocket for his i-Pod, Camera & charger & he was done. He told me that if he came over for a week or two, he was pretty sure he could fit everything just into the pockets of his pants!
I sat next to my giant pack & felt like a fraud. We checked & found out that my camera bag weighs significantly more than his whole kit. I didn’t ask him to check my backpack weight.
Travel people are one of my favourite things so far. Having spent all my time in Lyon in hotels where I didn’t meet anyone new, I have to say that the whole experience is heightened when you can share it with other people.
In current news, I made it to Geneve safe and sound. A bunch of hostel dudes said that they thought it was a boring town, but Steve, a British guy closer to my age said that he kind of liked it & that the reformation stuff is fascinating, so I am off to see Calvin’s church this afternoon & then to the reformation wall after that.
Down sides to Switzerland? Unbelievable expensive food. I spoke to a British bloke who ordered a pint of Guiness in a pub & payed $17 francs for it. That is $18 Australian dollars!!!! I don’t think I have met anyone yet who isn’t surviving on supermarket food. Still, Fondue has to be done at some point in time. This should make up for what I have been told is very cheap prices in Budapest, Krakow & Prague. $1 beers, here we come!


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