SOOOO Berlin

I arrived in Berlin, got comfy in my new Hostel & sat down to watch the DVD “Catch me if you can” as a little monday night relaxation. WHile watching the movie I met an American dude called Forrest & his girlfriend Aleara from Spain. After the movie we decided to go out & experience a bit of Berlin.
The Fun began here.
The girl at the desk of the Hostel told us to go to a particular street, which we managed to find after a short while. The street was almost empty. We ended up going into a metal bar. Three preppy looking people into a hardcore rocking room. Lets just say that we got a couple of “outsider” stares.
We hung there for about an hour, then headed out looking for somewhere else. We found a place that was just closing & sent Forrest in to bug the owner to tell us of somewhere else to go that was happening. After Aleara and I waited for a while, we headed in to find him & he was chatting to two artists.
Well half an hour later, this guy & girl lead us to a kind of “underground” club in some other part of eastern Berlin.
OK, you are with a bunch of artists, they take you to an underground club. What do you expect to find the main thign they do there?
That´s right…
Ping Pong!
It looked like an almost abandoned shop space if not for the nice looking designer lights & stuff. There was a set of decks set up, lots of electronica music, a makeshift bar, and a big pingpong table, with a bunch of people hanging around it & playing 8 person rounders!
As I sat on a comfy chair, getting the vague whisps of Marijuana smoke from a group in the corner, listening to another group discussing something very important, sometimes in German, sometimes in English, and watching a bunch of people play Ping Pong at 3AM! I felt that finally, I had arrived in Berlin.


3 thoughts on “SOOOO Berlin

  1. Hey Tim, these are the things that you will remember for ever, long after the things you see have faded from memory…. sounds like you are having a great time…. we miss you!

  2. hello there timote! hope you’re alright…by the sounds of it you’re having a blast! that’s fab! must be lots of pink monkeys watching over you as those purple ones do no good! they smell really bad…sure you know that anyway! keep smiling and having fun! monkey, monkey, monkey….

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