back so soon

OK, I am back a little earlier than expected, but just for a quick second. I had a funny ending to my night last night. There were French cops EVERYWHERE at about 1am when I was heading home. I stopped as four of them passed me and took a pick of their backs (it didn’t work because it was dark and my camera lense decided to stay open too long) and as I was deciding whether to delete it or not I heard a tapping behind me. I looked around and it was another two cops tapping their trucheons & looking suspiciously at me. I told them what I did and asked if it was illegal to take pictures of cops. They said no & continued to tap. One guy asked me where I was from, then pretended that he didn’t believe me when I said Australia.
I ended up walking with them for a couple of minutes as they asked me more questions and politely refused to be in a picture with me. I’ll head out again tonight, but I have a feeling it is not going to be as big as last night. the 40 piece brazilian drum band outside my room at 1:30am was a nice touch though. If only they could have been my alarm this morning.


2 thoughts on “back so soon

  1. Tim, please be wary of police…. or people pretending to be police… Ada and Susie were robbed by same in Rome. Just keep your wits about you and don’t give your passport/Visa etc. etc. to ANYONE who asks on the street (even if they appear to be police – though not sure how you tell!) Also, and I’m sure you know this, be wary in jostling crowds… pickpockets abound! Know just what you mean about the French keyboard…. though it is much easier to put the “acute” on cafe!

  2. Hey Tim,
    I don’t believe you were cool for a minute!! But i had a laugh reading the final two posts – keep ’em coming baby.

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