The Rugby

Getting to Saturday was a painful process. I was working Thursday & Friday nights, which meant getting to get at 8am on Saturday morning. Fortunately, my other afternoon plans got cancelled, so I was able to get at least a little sleep before I headed off to my own little bit of Rugby bliss.
We went via Dermott and Benita’s place. Mic & I had met them in an Aussie pub, we had hit it off & they had invited us to come along to the Rugby with them. After having a little tomato soup & then waiting for Dermott to grab us some “roadies” (a couple of beers to drink during the walk to Murray Field), we were off!
It rained during the whole half hour walk to Murray Field, then it continued to rain during the match, but luckily we were under cover. Dermott & I were find anyway, looking as Australian as possible in our Driza-bones. Murray field itself is reallly beautiful & the vibe was great with thousands of guys cruising around in rugby jerseys & kilts and everyone feeling a good vibe.
The game was pretty awesome too. The First half was the better for Australia, with 4 tries leading to a 28-0 lead, but in the second half we really sucked & we lost that half 14-4, leading to a final score of 31-14. On the good side, we were behind one of the goalposts & it just happened to be the one that saw all 6 tries!
Anyway, I have been feeling lazy about actually writing for the last month. Again I think I will leave you with just a couple pics.

Stirling Mortlock going over for the first try of the night.

For my first time, the Aussie flags were in the minority.


5 thoughts on “The Rugby

  1. Looked for you in the crowd, did not see your mountainous frame. Looks like you were right in the thick of things. All you haveto do now is pop over to France!!!

  2. Hey Tim. I rember seeing the Aussies play in London and NZ – we won in London but got thrashed in NZ. A mixed bag but bloody proud to be an Aussie anyway.
    A memory you’ll cherish forever!
    Love Roger

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