I’ve been revisiting old pics & playing around with them. Here is a couple of them.


5 thoughts on “Revisiting

  1. Your shots are constantly improving. Had the Yearly gathering yesterday with Valley people and all noted you were missing. Lisa and I have sold our unit (took two weeks), so we have no idea where we will be living by the time you return. Gosh, we may even have a Timmy room just for you. YEAH, like we could afford that many bedrooms! Miss not being able to chat.
    Matty (Lisa and Thomas too), ox (from the others)

  2. Hey Timbo,
    You probably won’t read this cause it’s so long after the event…but i was just killing time and surfing about to find out ‘wassup’ and noticed the pic of ‘me boy’. Made me laugh.
    Look forward to working with you next year…

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