Before I fill you in on my movements, here is a little hint for the young players. If you are sitting in a cafe having two different drinks for morning tea, remember to pay proper attention. Shaking your juice up is always a good idea before drinking it, but it is not such a good idea with your diet coke…
Yesterday I went to the “Clerk” estate in the back of Penecuik. Mic had lived here for a couple of months when she first arrived & basically this family once owned a BIG chunk of the land which is now this whole town. They have lots of grounds now that people love to walk around. Ever since I first started writing with Mic, she was telling me that this place looked like Rivendell out of Lord Of The Rings. She wasn’t far wrong.
The day was pretty rainy & Mic felt bad that we didn’t have the sun to bring out the colours, and that we missed the main body of Autumn, but it really was still pretty amazing. Here are just a couple of pics from the day.


6 thoughts on “Rivendell

  1. Great photos Tim – as usual. Would like to phone you for Wednesday (special day for you?) – but don’t have your number? can we get in touch? Love for now…

  2. Tim,
    You might be making a b’day post anyway, but in case not I’ll add comments to this one, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Daz & I toasted your b’day at the great northern last night,

  3. Hey Tim, happy, happy birthday. Hope all is well and you’re celebrating in style. Thinking of you, have a great day. Lotsa love.

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