The slog

Well I am slogging through work & focussing on the fun that is coming in the future. That is coming into clear focus at the moment, cause I just booked some easyjet flights for my travel. So far the planned destinations are Venice, Geneva, Berlin, Budapest, and Prague, but I should also fit in some time to enjoy a little more of Italy, a lot more of Switzerland & hopefully Krakow!
I’m feeling fairly uninspired at the moment, so I will leave you with a couple more travel pics.

Carbisdale 10pm, whilst I was looking for the best view of Carbisdale Castle.

Georgie enjoying a moment of sun at the Clava Cairns.


7 thoughts on “The slog

  1. Hey No. 2,
    It looks as though you’re living life to the fullest. I’m glad you’re having a great time and am constantly impressed by your awesome blogs – how cool to have regular updates with pics!
    Can I ask a favour? Can you send your e-mail address through again, I’ve had some IT issues at home but all should be sorted now. I’m looking forward to a lengthy chat!
    God bless,
    The Cap’n

  2. Hi Tim,
    Nice to see you having a good time, but some hard slog too – I guess it makes it all worthwhile. The trip sounds good, when do you go? Any more details in an email would be good.
    Love Roger

  3. Yeah I was there when the floods hit. We had to change hotels three times. There was worry if we could cross the bridge to make it back to the airport. It was quite exciting, of course to me, the tourist. 🙂

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