OK, I can't post without pictures

So I walked a block & a half back to pick up my power cord. Here are a couple of pics.

I count at least 4 ripples from my skipping stone…

A church at Glen Coe

I love my R.M. Williams belt!


3 thoughts on “OK, I can't post without pictures

  1. Tim, I think that photo of the church at Glen Coe is truly beautiful – one day I would like that for my screen saver if possible…. I love it even more than the screen saver I have now which is, as you know, a lovely shot you took of Tahlee…. glad to hear your feet are returning to normal – you should shout yourself a foot massage – seriously, if you want one, I will give you one for your birthday – you will be walking on cloud 9 afterwards….. love you, mum

  2. Phil, if you want, I can send you a high res version of the pic for the background, or do you think the current one will fit OK as a centred pic? Just let me know if you need it. TCG.><>.

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