AAAAAAAAAnd he's back!

Well I have made it through my second 4 day stint at work. I can relate to the Apostle Paul in regards to beating the body into submission. After my first day of work, my feet wanted to lead a peasants revolt against their superiors, and it was only suppressed by ibuprofen. After my first 4 day stint there was general disquiet, but after the second week of work they have settled down to being governed by my mind & one the whole have followed the rest of my body in keeping quiet about the whole experience. It makes the days a lot easier when you can actually walk properly during them!
I would love to write more about the politics of work places, reflections on half hour walks to work at 6am & the value of a good bacon roll, but I have barely any battery left, so I will have to leave things here. Possibly I will return to put up a pic or something. Until then, stay beautiful people!


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