What's doing?

Reading: About Luther & how he brought the reformation
Wondering: If the rain will stop. The source of some frustration
Listening: To some Aussie tunes. Some songs by Powderfinger
Questioning: If I farted now, would it dissipate or linger?
Eating: A small bagel on which is draped some Parma Ham
Drinking: As much vitamin C as I Possibly can.
Feeling: A little crook right now, I think I have the flu
Debating: If there�s more constructive things that I, right now, could do.
Pondering: What new experience I�ll find around the bend.
Betting: That you�re now hoping this inane post will end.


4 thoughts on “What's doing?

  1. hello darling one,
    greetings from bucharest! am back from romania in a week though so hope to see you then for a beer!
    hope your feeling a bit better….
    see you soon…..

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