Well since my last post things have been happening, or at least one thing has happened. I went to look at two different flats on Thursday. One was a little cheaper in regards to rent & was a pretty nice place. I asked the guy who showed me through the house when he was hoping to make his decision & he said “Well I am showing someone else on the weekend, so I am thinking probably by Sunday”.
Mic’s house mates get back next Wednesday, so waiting to see if I may or may not get a house on Sunday is a big risk, especially when you consider that I have been turned down three times that way! I went to see a second place down closer to the main street. It was about 40 quid a month dearer. It turns out the place is very nice and light and airy (as far as a Scottish apartment can be). Being on the top floor (4th), and with nice bigish windows, it gets lots of light. Dana, the Kiwi who currently lives there showed me around & when I asked the magic question of when she was making a decision, she told me that as soon as someone showed interest, if she liked them they were in.
For the sake of creating a little dramatic tension in this post, I will refrain from confirming the fairly obvious decision that I made for at least another paragraph, while I confirm the pros & cons.
If I take this place, I get a cleaner & newer room, it is a nice house, from October there will even be a big TV and an X-box in the house. I am nice and near to the center of the city, basically as close to Mic’s house as I would be at the other place & I am close to all of the major bus lines. Most importantly I am a block and a half away from the huge McEwan’s Brewery!!!
The cons. It would be living with just one girl. Dana appears pretty cool & Mic is all fine about it, but I wouldn’t want to give anyone the wrong idea. The first place would save me 40 quid a month which works out to about $15,000 Australian (Ok, maybe my currency conversion is a little off. More like $120), and it also had a pretty cool reading chair that would be in my room if I were there. Also, the first house is closer to a big park & stuff which is nice. The Con of the first place being that it would be Sunday before I knew that I was in.
I cracked, after being turned down from two places I really liked, I just couldn’t be turned down a third time, so I said yes to Dana. A decision that I felt good about cause she really does appear to be a nice girl, we had a good chat while I was there & it is a nice place.
That night I went to work, happy with myself that I had made the right decision. I went to bed at 2 or 3am (not finishing work till 1ish) then got a phone call at 9am. It was the guy from the first flat who had come to an early decision & wanted to offer me the place. I guess I wish I never knew that I could have either place, but I am happy with my decision. As all who read this site would have noticed from my pics. Who could turn down the chance to live by a brewery?


4 thoughts on “Whirlwinds

  1. Tim, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and decide, though you will have to earn a fair amount of money to cover the difference…. it is a pity that you ever found out about the other place! good that you are getting settled though… any other work prospects? an e-mail with news would be good…. lots of love, MUM

  2. Tim,
    Why cant I find your email address? Cause Im an idiot thats why!
    Good to hear you’ve got a place to stay. The idea of somewhere to settle for a while is the sweetest sounding thing Ive heard in a long time.
    Can you email me, or send me your address or something.
    thats ok, the membership at tubemantravels is slowly growing, I hope!?

  3. Hey Tim, I love the pictures. I have the same lamp as you! And sadly, I have the same glasses as Michaela. I’m a boy; this shouldn’t happen.
    Oh well.
    -Matt 🙂

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