stupid surveys

OK, I am mainly doing this because Michaela said she would be interested to see what my songs would be.
Opening song: “Grounded” The Orange County Supertones
Waking up: “Days like these” The Cat Empire
First date: … They don’t seem to have a song about a girl who tasted a bit like peanut butter…
First kiss: �1812 Overture” Tchaikovsky
Falling in love: “”Colour you in” Jake Amerding
Seeing an old love: �Harpoon” Jebediah
Heartbreak: �Heavy Heart” You am I.
Driving fast: �Bring Tha Noise” Public Enemy and Anthrax
Getting ready to go out: �Black Betty” Spiderbait
Partying with friends: “Rockin Rocks” Powderfinger
Dancing at a club: �”Do you love your hardcore” Ultrasonic
Flirting: �Knock me a kiss” Louis Jordan
Feeling sexy: �I’m too sexy” Right said Fred.
Walking alone in the rain: �Hard time killing floor blues” John Hartford
Missing someone: �she’ll come back to me” Cake
Playing in the ocean: �Caught inside” Orange County Supertones
Summer vacation: �Mas Que Nada” Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66
Fighting with someone: �Chop Suey” System of a Down
Acting goofy with friends: �Jumpin East of Java” Brian Setzer & the Brian Setzer Orchestra
Thinking back: �Masters feet” Eli
Feeling depressed: �Friend is a four letter word” Cake
Christmas time: �Baby it’s cold outside” Brian Setzer & Ann Margaret
Falling asleep: �Sleepwalking” Exceptions
Closing song: � The Shepherd is the lamb” Orange County Supertones
Well there you go. I look forward to reading anyone else’s if they blog them, or even if you email them to me. Always in interesting insight into someones character.


3 thoughts on “stupid surveys

  1. Ooh dearie, you have NO idea about his love for the Supertones. It’s out of control.
    I might add, for those who don’t read many other blogs, that this survey is meant to be a “Soundtrack to Your Life”, which might clarify things.

  2. Timmy, Glad to see you are doing well and that your have selected a fantastic Driving Fast song, “Driving, arriving in style and……” Though some other songs were slightly questionable!

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