A close call with a salad

Well yesterday was a bit of a dud all in all. I went to the Mac store & they were little help concerning “Airport Express” usefullness in this country & even less help in regard to finding a broadband service provider who doesn’t want a 12 month contract. The place Mic & I went to lunch at had pretty substandard sandwiches, especially for the price, then I went to visit a bank to be told that the proof of ID info that I had been given previously was actually incorrect. Of course, Of course, the info I had been given previously had been because what I was told prior to that was also incorrect.
I decided to cheer myself up by getting this nice room spray stuff from Crabtree and Evelyn that one of Mic’s roomates uses. Of course, they were all out. Just before I was to leave the store though, I decided to try one of the other sprays. This was the only thing that went right for me all day. In the strange world of smell creations, some bright spark at C&E decided to create one that was supposed to smell like green salad! It’s crazy, but it works. It also appears that just like my love hate relationship with coffee, Salad, which is an entirely foreign substance to my digestive tract, appears to be a good pal of my nasal cavities, so I am now the proud owner of a salad scented room.
As requested by Cate, here are a couple of pics of my new place, with a couple of random pictures thrown in for good measure.

My room

The living room

The collection

The world through Michaela’s eyes (or should it be glasses)


8 thoughts on “A close call with a salad

  1. That can’t be your room!? It’s too tidy!.. and there is no bookshelf with heaps o’ books!
    Love the glasses pic. Did you crop it or is there a ‘full view of the glasses’ shot?

  2. Well I have to say, the Salad spray (from Crabtree and Evelyn, for those who are interested) does actually smell great, but doesn’t smell much like salad at all, IMHO.
    And you can’t expect the room to be TOO messy, he doesn’t have very much STUFF!

  3. Hey there people.
    Mum, I am totally moved in & the room is totally clean! Some people do change over time (though not much).
    Phil, I remember when your room was like this too! I do have a small row of books, hence the pic. Oh, and the Pic of mic’s glasses are the full sized one. I wanted to be able to see as much of the view out of the glasses as possible. Just part of trying to do wierd stuff with the macro.
    FInally, Rog, no chilli salad one, though I did think I saw one called “steak” for a small period of time. No such luck…

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