I have always thought that one of the best things about travel is getting to experience other cultures through their food. So far the US has been a fat-laden fantasy. “Hardee’s” sells a burger that has a 2/3 of a pound patty! I could barely count the layers of cheese and bacon at “Sonic” and “Jack in the box” passed the grease transparency test so well that I could see through the wrapper and almost half of my hand!
Fast food is a fascinating culture. A regular sized drink is often the size of an Australian large, there are a thousand different options to add onto any meal (real chunks of lime in my diet sprite really rocks!) and even more options for the meals themselves!
Today I went to a ball game. This great institution has many links to food too. Beers (at $8 a pop, my hosts Dave and Dianne were too kind in buying them for me), hot dogs and peanuts that are still in their shells!
Some like to propogate the fat multinational America ideas, but the thing that I love the most is that there are places that you can only find in one state, one city, or even just one suburb. Just as all cultures have their own iconic foods, America has its own entries & they are so much cooler than McDonalds or KFC.
Having eaten like I have never eaten before, I keep telling myself that Scotland will be the place where I will start my diet. Time to get back onto a healthier lifestyle (though I could be getting low-carb burgers over here, where the buns are replaced with lettuce…. yet somehow I never do). Of course, chances are I will give in to fried breakfasts, fat-rich haggis & deep fried mars bars. Oh, the woes of being a gastronomic traveller.
Thank heavens my fingers haven’t quite swollen enough to fit on individual typing keys. We’ll see if tomorrows lunch can fix that.


11 thoughts on “Culture

  1. I love your updates – it’s so interesting to find out how someone from across the world sees our culture!
    I had no idea the food options we have were so immense! šŸ™‚

  2. Tim,I wish you could swing through Orlando. Meg and I could take you to some awsome restraunts. Being the #1 tourist destination in the world, and very multicultural, we have the best eats!

  3. Tim I want to set you a challenge in the world of food options up sizing and add ons. Go into a Sub Way store and order a chesse sandwich on a white roll, nothing more and nothing less.
    They will not be able to cope with it!!!

  4. Hey Tim, how is the 80kg goal going? Maybe you should just aim for 180!! You’re making me feel very hungry.

  5. A ball game! It wasn’t the massive punch up between the soxs and Yankees, cause that looked haywire on tele. You know how jealous I am of you right? Did you have some crakerjacks?
    Stay safe

  6. Oh man I am so jealous…I love America! Ever notice how many different kinds of food have cinnamon in it? My personal favourite is Captain Toast Crunch…you HAVE to try some of that while you are there!
    -Dave M

  7. Shannyn, I hate to break it to you, but we saw the Cardinals beat the Giants at Busch Stadium here in St Louis. It wasn’t a terribly eventful game, but beer was involved so that makes it all better. Besides, I just love soaking in the atmosphere of a baseball game.
    Captain Toast Crunch, eh. You mean…Cinnamon Toast Crunch? Or Captain Crunch? I’m not sure that Captain Crunch makes a Cinnamon kind….Tim and I were looking through them at the store yesterday. I was admiring the color-changing CrunchBerries, but that’s just maybe a little freaky….

  8. hello from… I am glad you had a good time in one of my favorite cities… good o’le Kansas City.
    You now understand why statistics say over 30% of all Americans are obese. That is the one thing (besides people) that I miss the most. (I currently live in the UK)

  9. Oh yeah- Cinnamon Toast Crunch is it! That stuff is SO good! Especially if you are a cinnamon freak like me. And while you are at it, bring me home an American woman…preferably a 4-point Calvinist!

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