The travel never ends

Well I have been here for 4 or 5 days now, I am having a lot of fun, but I have to say that I am ready for a couple of days where I am not travelling in a car or plane. The flights here were relatively uneventful. Sydney to LA is a long 13 hour flight, but QANTAS has some great food & the little TV’s in the seat-backs make the hours go quicker. When I got to LA, my stay there (4 hours) was made that much easier thanks to Bairdy, who has furnished me with a QANTAS club pass, meaning I could enjoy my own room to shower in & a couple of free drinks at the bar. I then fell asleep in the media room for an hour before doing some emails & stuff. Here is where I had my minor heart attack.
I got an email from Michaela, as expected, but it said that she may still be in London when I arrived….. which is the last thing I expected. It appears that her flight was overbooked & she got offered $500 travel credit plus a nights free hotel accomodation if she took a flight the next day instead. This is a smart move for a girl who has no money, but not so good for a guy who is arriving in St Louis in 4 hours, who will now be picked up by her parents, whom he has never met.
I didn’t enjoy the flight to St Louis, spending most of the time contemplating what things could go wrong now, but when I arrived, Michaela was there waiting, cause there had been some last minute cancellations. As it turns out, her mum & stepdad are really cool anyway, so it would have been fine either way.
Since being here I have sampled many different examples of American cuisine. “Hardee’s” holds the crown for the best burgers, “Wild Buffalo wings” has the best chicken and Michaela’s Grandma definately puts on the best breakfasts! Mornings spent at her house have meant Porridge, cereals, several different drinks, followed by bacon & eggs.
When I haven’t been eating, I have pretty much been travelling. Mic & I drove her brother Grant accross Missouri to his summer camp & have also driven around Kansas city for quite a while & then back to St Louis today.
Anyway, I haven’t yet succeeded in getting my mac online, but you can rest assured that as soon as I am successful, there will be some pics that come up.
Wishing everyone the best.


9 thoughts on “The travel never ends

  1. It’s great to get some news, we’ve been waiting. Glad you are having a good time. All is well here, Bethany is behaving beautifully. Toby misses his Aunty Tim.

  2. Hi Tim – I have been reading your blog with great interest and especially while your Mum and Dad have been away overseas and I was able to catch up with the birth of Bethany. I did hear about Charlotte from Anne. What a great time you are having, living the life of Riley. Keep safe and well regards Jan Jeffery

  3. it’s good to hear from you dude…….. i was wondering if you’d left the cyber-world behind; but i’m glad that you’re back & letting us know what is happening in the world of tim.

  4. Tim,
    Travel wouldnt be the same without the 12hr heart attacks but good to hear all is well. Spending my last night in Scotland tonight – so close yet so far. Enjoy the US….I know you will!

  5. Tim,
    Travel wouldnt be the same without the 12hr heart attacks but good to hear all is well. Spending my last night in Scotland tonight – so close yet so far. Enjoy the US….I know you will!

  6. Hey Timbo – great to know you arrived safe and sound. Sounds like you’re having a great time – make sure you keep us all up to date as much as possible!

  7. Hi Tim, we are home safe and sound, car picked up with no problems, but it is very dirty!!! Didn’t you have time to clean it? you left heaps of junk in it as well….. will write later and let you know about your tax etc. etc. hope you are well and all is OK… let us know.

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