More things American

There is so much to say and so little time to say it. Michaela has said so much, so well, that I needn’t bother for the most.
I will tell you a couple of interesting facts I learned today.
1: Budweiser is the NO.1 selling beer in the world (according to Budweiser)
2: Bud Light is the No.2 selling beer in the world (according to budweiser)
3: There are two things that taste better than beer. One is free beer, and the second is free beer which is scored on a free tour of a brewery!
4: Americans, and especially the people at Bud, have no business making stout.
5: It is amazing the amount of help you will get from hotel staff when you walk in with an Australian accent & they just suppose that you are staying at the hotel. Printing out directions, giving advice…. it is awesome!
6: If there is a point where eating hamburgers ceases to be an attractive option for at least one meal every day, I don’t know where that point is! (Of course, variety is the spice of life! I am spoiled for choice here. Today I enjoyed the delights of a “Flamethrower” burger that had Jalapeno bacon, tabasco sauce, and spicy chipotle mayo!)
7: Even Brussel Sprouts can taste good if they have enough bacon surrounding them!
Well, not the kind of wisdom that sees you bestowed with honorary doctorates, nor enough to win you a game of trivial pursuit, but if you’ve learned at least one thing, then the day isn’t wasted!
In other news, in 48 hours I will be drinking Bundaberg Rum, and playing “Settlers of Catan” with Scott & Jenni! I have had an awesome time over the last two weeks here, but I am also pretty psyched about cathing up with these two.


2 thoughts on “More things American

  1. After posting my comment on Michaela’s blog, I decided it was unfair re the food thing, because I could write an entire book about what I’ve eaten on my trip (but then again…. I HAVE been in Italy and France!) – so I went back to say this on Mic’s blog, but can’t post (I know, it’s something about using a Mac!) – anyway, great to hear all is well and you are enjoying yourself… well, the food is good anyway – and so pleased to hear you might have had at least SOMETHING green!….

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