Fixing up bits & piece

It doesn’t make for interesting reading, but most of the big news at tme moment revolves around getting this site the way that I want it. I moved a bunch of links onto the site today. I guess I need to say that it isn’t really in a great deal of specific order (beyond family being first) so don’t feel bad if you are NO.4 on the list & there is someone “higher” than you.
My little banners are online now & I am pretty happy with them.
In other news, I have Scott & Susie (and Susie’s “bump”), and Matt & LIsa with their bub (and my nephew) Thomas with them! We have done some wine tasting, beer tasting and dinner eating this evening & tomorrow when Tom Carlos makes an appearance, we should have two Digital SLR camera’s & one very good film rig, so many a happy snap should ensue!
Well I have failed to get more than 6 hours of sleep over the last 4 or so nights, so I really should head off.


8 thoughts on “Fixing up bits & piece

  1. All of your wine tastings sound like fun!
    I have about 5 bottles sitting here at home & my husband won’t open one until we have company because we won’t finish it on our own! :p

  2. Tim, please pass on a hello & bear hug to lisa, matty & thomas! (well maybe a bear hug not thomas…)

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