Entering the final days.

It is my last week staying here in the Hunter. Time to start dotting the T’s & Crossing the I’s before I start my travel (as a side note, should you not capitalise “I” when using the cliche about “dotting i’s”, cause then the dot itself is redundant? tough questioon. Maybe our resident linguist, Nate, will grace us with his thoughts on the matter). I got the chainsaw sharpened today & will cut enough firewood for my grandparents this Saturday. I also went & bought all the chocolate to give as gifts during my travels. I need to do a trial pack, clean this place up & get this site operational before I go too.
In regards to the site. It is looking a little less colourful at the moment, but things should be coming online over the next little while. In the mean time, i am a bigger fan of the cleaner lines & it is certainly easier to use from my side of things.
Thanks again to Chris Bevan for all your work on this. I am really excited.


8 thoughts on “Entering the final days.

  1. Tim, wow nice site! I’m impressed, a well done layout.
    Ta’ again for your hospitality over the weekend,

  2. LOVE the new site. Excellent banners, Phil! (Phil did them, right?) The pool shot is my favorite. I wish I could get to the old archives! And of course I look forward to pictures…

  3. michaela: old posts are all there (all 200 of them) – we just need to get timbo’s old photos back into the archives. we could put the posts back now but they’d have a heap of broken image links. next couple of days hopefully.

  4. tim,
    the site looks fantastic- very smooth, easy on the eye- love the green and grey/blue hues.
    btw- an rss feed!!! cool- i’ve loaded it already!

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