New additions and old friends

I’ve been enjoying the company of one of my oldest friends over the last 48 hours. Matt and I went to school together, we went to church together, we hung out together, we had the same friends & many of the same interests. Many would claim we also have the same warped sense of humour.
Over the last 5 or 6 years, our lives have both changed.
For Matt, he now has a new set of priorities. He has a lovely wife with whom he has been married three years today. And now together they have a lovely son, Thomas, who they have to look after 24 hours a day. Man, what a real commitment! Constant attention throughout the day, feedings throughout the night & then even waking up first thing in the morning to look after his every need. Matt & Lisa are totally up to the challenge though. It is great to see two people who are so in love with each other & see that love expressed in and to their Son.
Meanwhile, my most pressing issue in the morning is whether or not I can be bothered to go & pick some oranges from the orchard to squeeze myself some fresh juice? Sure, I love juice, but is it really worth putting my shoes on, walking 50 meters & then having to twist those darn fruit, just so I can have some delicious, fresh and healthy juice to start my day? rest assured, the records show that about 50% of the time I have voted for the Dr. Pepper breakfast option since I have been here.
I have also been enjoying the company of Scott & Susie Millar over the last couple of days. They are two of my better friends, but in contrast to a relationship that has been forged over nearly two decades, they have really only factored into things in the last couple of years. An awesome couple of solid Christians, their commitment to the body of Christ at Church, the furthering their own knowledge of the good news through formal and informal study, and their love for the work they do with our church youth group, it is great to know that by the beginning of 2005, they should also be sporting their very own kid, who they can build up in the ways of the Lord.
Seeing so many great couples becoming great parents is a real privilege. Can guys be classed as clucky? I certainly don’t want a kid any time in the immediate future, but they are awesome & I certainly love hanging with them. Maybe I can fill all my needs vicariously through others. This idea has become a little easier this afternoon as 10lb 7oz Bethany Anne Heap, Niece No.3, and daughter to Amy & Andrew, made her triumphant entry into the world.
How exciting to be surrounded by so many new entries. I can’t wait to watch them grow up & one day be able to call the old friends!


4 thoughts on “New additions and old friends

  1. A very relaxing and fun time in the Hunter. Also, Tim forgotto mention a lovely Laksa he made that night. Scrumdidiliumpticous!

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