Moving boldly forward

It really is moving boldly forward into a world where I look smooth & my site reflects the area that I am moving into in regards to photography & stuff like that. Putting up pictures & doing all kinds of crazy stuff like that is going to be good & having stuff like the “recent pictures” section should be interesting. Of course, I think I might change my attitude toward the posts themselves & start only doing one or two pics. maybe having some separate picture pages or something.
I have been thinking that I might actually do a straight picture style page on my .mac account where I do more artsy stuff. Who knows, all available options in the future. How exciting.
Anyway, only Chris will be reading this, so I should probablyl stop & go to bed.
P.S. you can tell that I am a church oriented person, because whenever I go to write the name Chris, my fingers automatically type out “Christ”. I hope you don’t get a Messiah Complex…..


4 thoughts on “Moving boldly forward

  1. komments all working now 🙂
    hey, i got first one on your new site. how about that?! good luck with movabletype.
    now if only I could your email working again…

  2. Well done Tim & Chris(t).
    I hope the pics I edited for you work out well.
    I might leave this kind of thing up to you guys. I’m happy with my site and how it works etc.. but thanks anyway Chrispy (yes, I know this is Tim’s site)

  3. Hey Amy,
    The links & stuff will come in time. At the moment we were keen to get the basics up on the screen & then we could work out the bits & pieces as we move along.
    I am already happy with the cleaner, less cluttered look of the page, cause the last one just had all kinds of redundant links & messy stuff on the sides. It didn’t centre well, while this one looks pretty sweet. I think it will grow on you as it conitues on Sis.

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