I spent most of Friday driving to Watsons Bay and back for a funeral.

#1: It’s wonderful to be able to attend a Christian funeral. While there is a deep sense of grief and loss, one also experiences the joy that the deceased is now in the presence of their maker, and that if our trust is in Jesus, who died for our sins, then this is not the end.

I drove down with one of our parish wardens. We left at 10:30, and didn’t get a chance to have lunch until 3ish. Of course, if you’re in town, you may as well have lunch somewhere nice, so we stopped off at Batch Burger in Kirribilli. (As an aside, I’ve always wanted to try poutine. While there was straight cheese instead of curds, it was pretty awesome. Not good for the diet though!) It was a sad circumstance that brought us together, but it was a wonderful opportunity to spend 4 hours travelling together in a car, then top it off with a nice lunch together.

#2: It’s wonderful to spend time with older Christians, to hear their stories and learn from their experiences.

I lost almost a day’s worth of work time, but I was thankful to be able to support a grieving member of our congregation in a small way, and I was excited to be able to strengthen a relationship with one of the pillars of our congregation.

I’d call it time well spent!

A great burger, and Poutine!
A great burger, and Poutine!

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