Maslow or Connor?

You get bonus points if you can tell me where I got this graphic from!


I heard it for the first time the other day, having coffee with my mate Dan, but it turns out he was quoting Maslow’s “Law of the instrument.”

“If all  you have is a hammer, then every problem is going to look like a nail.”

I love a good turn of phrase, and that’s the first thing that drew me to the statement, but I’ve been thinking about it, off and on, for a day or two now.

From my work perspective, do I get caught up in a narrow attitude to the many different elements of my job, causing me to hammer away at all of them? Am I failing to look at people and tasks in a nuanced way? And if so, am I failing to love those people I serve, by understanding them within their own context and with their own specific needs?

I want to have a lot of different tools at my disposal. And I want to make sure that, as I serve God in full-time ministry, I’m doing the job right!


2 thoughts on “Maslow or Connor?

  1. Paul Tripp used this in one of his talks at KEC. He pointed out that a house made only with a hammer wouldn’t be any good!

    1. Ha! Funnily enough, when my friend brought it up the other day, he said that once you see something, you see it everywhere. Now this quote has become the universal answer!

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