I guess I churn out my fair share of stuff. I write at least one sermon a week. I write an article or two for our e-news, maybe another for our parish newsletter, and occasionally write stuff for our diocesan newspaper. I’m not banging out Shakespeare or anything, but it all takes creativity, and you have to work out a new subject for everything. I find myself looking for an interesting angle on articles in the news, or rethinking what it was that I did over the week.

What turned the corner for my photography (sadly, lapsed IMHO) was just doing more of it. It helps to have an eye for photography, but the more you shoot, the better  you get at it and the less times the shutter needs to flip to achieve your intended result. You start to see the patterns in the world around you. You grow in your appreciation, not only of the foreground, but what surrounds the centre of your attention.

I’m trying to embrace every opportunity I have to write about stuff. I love the fact that, the more you think about the stories that live in the world around us, the easier it is to see them. I hope it will make me a better illustrator during sermons, it could make someone a better conversationalist, and I hope it might encourage my kids to see a bigger, brighter world.



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