And not a single picture was taken.

I had a massive weekend. I had intended to take shots of everything, but never got around to it.

1: Saturday morning, 6am: The sun is up early, the surf was fairly big, and Colin, Aaron & myself headed out to the point at Copacabana. I’ve always been a “no pain…. no pain” person, avoiding anything that might hurt too much, so surfing on a point (waves breaking over a rock ledge) has been a bit much for me. But the waves there were great!

If I could have taken a picture, it would have been of the first duck dive I did under a big wave, only to see the rocks a couple of feet under me.

I didn’t get dumped onto rocks (though I did end up in about 3 feet of water at one time) and it was a great morning. The only downside was that it was short because:

2: Saturday morning, 7:45am: St. Bede’s was having a mens breakfast. Dominic Steele was speaking on “how to really love a woman” and he did a pretty good job. It was nice to see some younger blokes from our evening congregation there, and it was nice to have pretty much a full house. I was able to stick around for a while, but had to head home to spend an hour finishing off a sermon before:

3: Saturday morning, 11:30am: We were off to have lunch with some friends/friends parents/parishioners. Connors, Garrards and Fryirs, in sunny Fountaindale. It was a yummy & relaxing way to spend my afternoon. It too didn’t last too long, though, because Dan had to take a wedding & I had more to fit in my day…

4: Saturday evening, 6:30pm: 20yr School reunion! I headed in to pick up Matty, then we were into darling harbour for drinks on the HMAS Vampire, followed by some time in the Maritime Museum.

The HMAS Vampire

It was awesome to catch up with some old friends, and lovely to chat to people who I wasn’t friends with at school. It all went in a little bit of a blur, and I had to leave a little early because:

5: Sunday morning, 8am, 9:30am, and Sunday evening 5pm: I was preaching three times on Sunday. I got home from the reunion at about midnight, then was up at about 5 getting ready for the morning. I’ve really enjoyed our 2 Corinthians series, and, thankfully, felt on top of the passage. After 9:30 there had been an intention that I might be able to get an hours sleep in before the evening service, but that went by the wayside because of the strangest thing in my weekend (but wonderful).

6: Saturday afternoon, 4:30pm, then Sunday morning 9:30-2pm: As I was heading toward my reunion, I got a call from my long-lost brother Michael. He’s moved down to Sydney, and was interested in catching up. He ended up coming to hear me preach on Sunday morning, then spent lunch with me & the family!

The last time I saw Michael was the day I got married, so it was wonderful to catch up on everything he has been doing & what his plans for the future are. I would have loved to spend more time with him, but with the evening service looming, I had to be ready for that.

7: Sunday evening, 5pm: It’s always hard to work out at SE@K. With 5 minutes to go, it was almost an empty church, but by 5 past, we were pretty much full! In the last couple of months, we’ve had a whole lot of new people join us. It’s great being able to get to know new people, to encourage and be encouraged as we seek to know more about Jesus.

I was wrecked when I got home. I fell asleep in front of the TV & finally woke again at midnight to go to bed.

It was a good weekend though.

And it all starts again this morning.


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