Gain & Loss

Twinnies getting bigger
Twinnies getting bigger

They’re gaining weight.

They’re getting smarter, little necks holding up big heads.

They still look very much the same, but I’m starting to think I can see distinct personalities.

They’re getting bigger.

I have noticed that there is a cluckly little element to my character that raises it’s head every time I baptise a wee little baby. I’ll have no more of those. My kids are all bruisers.

I do sort of miss having little bubs.

But the gains will grow. Who doesn’t have a little more interactivity? I’m looking forward to inhabiting a couch with three boys next to me, Rugby on the TV, nachos on the plate in front of us, and dreams (maybe theirs, more likely mine) of them taking the field together in the green & gold.

You lose one experience, and gain another.



2 thoughts on “Gain & Loss

  1. So true. There are good and bad things about every age and stage. Thankfully, seeing how much I love the tiny baby stage, there is always someone at church having a baby for me to hold. I can’t wait to see you and all your bruisers later this year!

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