(Before this blog starts. Sorry about the messed up photos from last blog. I think I’ll get embed them from within wordpress from now on….)

The down side of holidays is the mad dash that you have afterward, catching up on the stuff that happened while you were away, and preparing for the stuff that is to come!

It has certainly been busy since I arrived. Friday saw a baptism in the morning & a wedding in the afternoon.

Happy peeps
Happy peeps

Scott & Charnel were a lot of fun. Weddings are that much more enjoyable when the bride, groom & guests are happy, & looking for a good time (of course, not many bridal couples are “unhappy,” but you do get those people who are so stressed about things being perfect, or stuff happening a certain way, that they lose track of the real value of the day…)


Saturday morning was going to be surf day. I got down to Avoca & it was BIG and messy. Colin & I drove around to Copacabana, and after watching the waves for 5 minutes, we decided we might sit the day out, enjoy a chat & have a coffee.

Saturday Morning Copa
Saturday Morning Copa
Big Waves
Big Waves

While we were watching a guy on a big wave out the back, he got barrelled in a barrel so high he was still standing straight, but then the spray blew out, we saw the board flip & I can only imagine he got hammered. We sort of lost sight of the guy, then a couple of minutes later, we saw him jogging along the beach with his board snapped in half. Safe to say, at that point I was happy with my no-surf decision!

Saturday was another baptism, some more desk work, then some family time in the afternoon!

Now I’m on the downhill run. One morning service done, and just about to finish off some prep for this evening.

But it’s Palm Sunday next week, and Easter Sunday after that…. so I guess I had better get used to feeling busy!


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