Well the twins are almost, but not quite here….

This pregnancy feels like it’s been the longest. We’re ready for the whole thing to be over.

I know you’ve been waiting patiently, so I’ll reward you with some recent pics of Pumpkin & Gumnut to hold you over.

The Fam...
Here’s the family at Taronga Zoo. Becoming “Zoo friends” was a great idea to keep us having a real “family day” on our day off.

Waiting patiently
Having sung the praises of the zoo, given the choice the other day, Pumpkin was most interested in having a “babycino at daddy’s favourite coffee shop

Where’s the love? There’s the love!

Pumpkin & Gumnut LOVE Avoca beach & the playground

More sliding
More Avoca

Avoca playground #3

Rudy noody
Appropriate bedtime attire? Aren’t we all grateful for appropriately placed Bunny dolls!


5 thoughts on “Imminence

  1. Thanks for the great photo’s Tim! Love Gumnut’s bedtime footwear! We’re ready, willing and able for any day now – bring it on!

  2. Thanks for the photos, I love them! Shona can hold three kids at once! Pumpkin and Gumnut look so different, I can’t wait to see what the twins look like!

  3. Wow! Everyone has grown so much… look how long Pumpkin’s hair is! Shona you are amazing – going to the zoo at a billion months pregnant with twins… incredible! Nevermind holding a 3 year old as well. Can’t wait for the news and especially for the end of September when we get to see you all. Not long now.

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