Dodgy brothers?

I read this article this morning about pro tennis players boycotting the Australian Open because they feel the prize money is not sufficient.

In the first instance I was incensed. These guys get paid millions for hitting a ball over the net. I understand that people pay to watch it & they are getting just a small cut of the money earned from the game still…. really?

Turns out, however, that the big guns are actually sticking up for the little blokes who trudge around the globe playing in pro tennis, getting knocked out in the first round.

Nice to know that people are interested in supporting the “bit characters” on the international tennis stage. I don’t care much for tennis either way, but I do think it seems to be a sport that throws up a fairly large group of moral, thoughtful superstars who have a real interest in looking out for others.

Nice way to turn around what I thought would be a frustrating article!


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