Happy Anniversary


5 years…

4 houses and soon to be 4 kids.

3 different jobs I’ve held over that time.

Just the two of us.

In one marriage.

We went to Le Chat Noir for lunch (thanks to the Fryirs’ for babysitting) and they surprised us with the lovely profiteroles above!
Would you believe that after polishing them off, I still had room for the dessert below? Of course you would! Anyway, chocolate liqueur brûlée is hard to beat, but put in a biscuit called a “cats tongue” and I’ll always be in. I’d love to see a chef arrange that with a cat!



One thought on “Happy Anniversary

  1. Congratulations Tim and Shona! I don’t suppose you’d consider another house and job to move you closer to us. I am the baby whisperer you know, I’d be very useful later on this year!

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