I know, I know, you’ve heard it all before.

But I have been pretty disciplined when it comes to some other pieces of online communication, and the realisation that I have my own kindle page, where I can get access to all the notes & highlights of the books I have been reading, has enthused me, so I think I’ll hop back on the wagon.

So where are things at?
The wife is 2/3 of the way through her pregnancy. Things are going well, but we’re all looking forward to the arrival of the twins (we’ll probably take that back after a couple of sleepless weeks).
Work is fab. Kincumber is an awesome parish, I’m starting to lay down some roots, sort out some rhythms, and actually be worth something to the parish (though maybe you have to ask them?). I’m particularly enjoying being able to do things like Saturday morning Bible, Prayer and Surf, with a couple of guys from the parish. Winter weather hasn’t slowed us down yet.

And how are the Kids?
Pumpkin & Gumnut are doing well. The later has no real comprehension that he is about to become a big brother twice over, but his sister is pretty excited about the “twinnies.” Here’s an obligatory picture.
Pumpkin & Gumnut

So, again, encouraged by my sister who has upped her blogging stats, we’ll see if I keep on going.


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