Recent results may have not gone our way, but I’m hoping the best result from the world cup is a life-long relationship between the Gumnut & Rugby Union!

Of course it’s not the most important thing that Gumnut needs to learn, I’m far more interested in him growing up to love & serve Jesus. That said, Rugby would be another great point for he & I to bond around.

I’ve heard people speak about Scripture in schools & Bible teaching at home as being “brain washing.” My two questions are this. At what point does something change from being “teaching your children about those things you believe to be true & fundamentally important,” to “brain washing your kids?”

I teach my kids that you don’t pick up snakes in the wild, you should obey your parents & be polite to others, why wouldn’t I teach my kid that it is good to be in a relationship with the God who created him?

Meanwhile, I’ll do what I can to make him a Wallabies supporter, and I suspect he’ll get roped in to being a photographer too….

What’s the passion that you hope your kids will share?


One thought on “Results

  1. I just wrote my comment and the blog ate it!

    Here goes again:

    I’d love for Oliver to share my love of:
    – music, poetry, film and art
    – cooking and baking
    – Harry Potter!
    – studying in-depth the random subjects that interest him (like napkin folding, how to write in hieroglyphics, and handwriting analysis. Yes, all things I studied when I was little)

    There are many more, but it would be off-the-walls rad to share these passions đŸ™‚

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