High Fives…

Two things that I have been enjoying recently are “Stumble Upon” (Thanks Kristin) and Evernote. Evernote I love because it is the ultimate storage tool for oddities. I remember my Bible college principal otelling us that we ought to have a filing cabinet where we store everything that might make a possible sermon illustration in alphabetical folders. What I LOVE about evernote is that it allows for the fact that I do everything online & it allows me to add as many tags to the file as I want, so the photo, recording, pdf, webpage etc. that I store can be found in multiple subjects!

What I love about Stumbleupon is that it pulls up all kinds of fascinating corners of the web. When you join, you feed in the subjects that you are interested, then it pulls up random pages on your interests when you click the button! So far I’ve seen lots of amusing stuff, but also heaps of things that might be useful in sermons.

Not sure this one is going to be useful in a sermon…


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