Owning “Radical”

Are you automatically ahead in an argument if you use the term “Radical” or “Fundamentalist” about your competition?

If Christians are taking any kind of conservative stance on something (remember here, that even “conservative” has become a negative term to many… why is protecting something you believe valuable from harm bad?) they get called “fundamentalist” and they are automatically bad. If any politician suggests that really we need to take a closer look at ourselves & as whether we are making the right decisions as a country, they are called “radical” and they become bad.

I hope I bring a “radical” mindset to life, looking to shake up my understanding of the fundamental nature of things.
I hope I can be “fundamentalist” in my thinking, remembering to get back to the basics, those building blocks which shape who & what I am, rather than letting the current bee in my bonnet shape my whole world view.

But I don’t think I’ll be happy if I’m labelled as either in a conversation…


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