It was an ambitious plan to drive from the Central Coast to Melbourne on the Monday morning, Melbourne to Wagga on the Thursday, then Wagga back home on Saturday, but it did mean that Shona, myself & the kids got to spend time with all of my family, and we also spent a lot of time together (mostly in the car!).

We went to Melbourne Zoo, we spent time on my favourite street at one of my favourite chocolate stores, we found out that Wagga has a produce market & it’s own impressive chocolate store (which even had chocolates whose explanations included obscure references to 1980’s comedy/horror movies…. I got points for knowing who Bruce Campbell was).

The whole time was awesome.

Well, I should get back to normal blogging now, but here’s a couple of photos from the last little while.

My munchkins spent half a week with me up at the Hunter Valley before our big road trip… They’re still afraid of the dog.

Pumpkin LOVED spending time with her cousin, who was a great host (here at the Zoo)

Melbourne Zoo is pretty cool.

Gumnut is a lot more mobile & a lot more inquisitive every day.

Nice to know your son trusts you.

Annika loves her gift from the Zoo “Giraffie”, though she could be more imaginative with the name…

The Goldfinch/Smith kids together.

I LOVE this picture of Mama & Gumnut.

Pumpkin was quite taken with Uncle Andrew.


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