Phat beat Phriday

Rap was pretty slow getting to Australia. I remember the late 80’s, having to travel to the one HMV store that had a rap section… maybe 100 CDs.

But rap really started in the 70’s. The Sugarhill Gang were one of the early crews to get legitimate airplay (at least throughout the US).


5 thoughts on “Phat beat Phriday

  1. It’s not slick like some of the later stuff, but this song has been sampled by heaps of bands since & is one of those early pioneers!

  2. This was the first rap song I heard.

    1988. Much later than your Sugarhill dudes. The rap dudes at my school were from a different planet.

  3. I own an EPMD CD. That’s one ugly song! (I’m down with thoughtful sampling of classic beats, but they just butchered an awesome song!)

    Have no fear Bainy, we’re heading to some slick beats from this Friday on.

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