I’ve read that if you want to dramatically increase your readership, then you need to stay on target. Work out what you are, a theological blog, one of those peeps who just posts about their family, work etc.

My problem is that I’m not just one thing. The very nature of my brain is that there always seems to be half a dozen bits & pieces floating through at any time.

I guess I have to ask myself, am I blogging to get hits, or am I blogging for some other reason. Truth be told, I find that it helps with my creative energy. I see more stories in the minutiae of life when I feel I have to look for blog subjects, and I think it helps me preach better & just think better. If other people validate those processes, then that’s nice, but it isn’t the be all & end all.

So, we still have to see how long this blogging renaissance lasts…. but while it does, who knows what you’ll get!

P.S. 12 more posts & I hit 500!


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