Phat Beat Phriday

I really love reading Al Bain’s blog, but I have to say that I don’t much look forward to Wednesdays. Al has been bringing the 80’s style rock with “Big Hair Wednesdays” and it just hasn’t clicked for me, cause I didn’t listen to any of the big hair bands. Much to the distress of some of my friends, I didn’t even get into the Guns & Roses.

For mine, the 80s & early 90s was all about Rap. Long before the need to boast non-stop about your sexual conquests, before the threats of “bustin’ a cap,” it was real & it was raw and it was awesome. Old school is definitely the best school!

So, I’ve decided to institute Phat Beat Fridays, where I’ll bring you the best that Youtube has to offer of the old school rap.

In an Homage to Al who inspired me though, I’m starting off with the perfect combination. What happens when big hair meets phat beats?

I give you Run DMC & Aerosmith.


4 thoughts on “Phat Beat Phriday

  1. Thanks Boffo,
    at the moment I have the next 15 or so weeks planned. Should be a lot of fun. It was interesting to see how many songs I couldn’t remember popped up on the sidebar as I trawled youtube at 10:30 last night.
    I’m wishing I still had that old VHS tape with the MTV Rap-umentary on it…

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