Messenger vs. Message

Steve Jobs resigned as CEO of Apple today. It certainly seems to have people asking what the future is going to be for Mac?

The joy of having a guy like Jobs at the helm has been that he really is a visionary. He’s taken the company in new directions and he knows how to make the most of great ideas. The problem with having a guy like Jobs at the helm is that people end up having more faith in the man than they do in the message. I’m sure he has made good ideas into better ones, but I don’t believe for a second that he’s come up with everything that has made Apple great. The products are still there. The core content of what they are about doesn’t change, but you lose a man & share prices dropped almost immediately by 7%.

The danger of mega-church, multi-campus models in my mind is that people end up focussing on the man rather than the message. Even when the man is a Godly person who would be shocked to think that people are getting caught up in the “cult of personality”!

Every Sunday morning I have to get dressed in an Alb for church. It’s one of those things that one does when you are an Anglican minister in my diocese. Now in many regards it’s not my thing, but one thing I dig about the whole Alb wearing is the concept that the “look” is always the same. As you stare at the lecturn or communion table out the front, the person always looks roughly the same. One would hope that you can forget the messenger and focus on the message!

Maybe people think that the stuff Mac creates will somehow slide without Jobs? Maybe it will. One thing that I’m confident of is that God’s word is far more robust than those people who share it. In fact, I suspect that sometimes God works through his word DESPITE the messenger!


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