So, there seems to be a general freeze in the blogosphere, so I figured now’s the time to fire something off myself.

Three year!

It certainly has gone quickly.

I guess it’s only Four years since we met, so that’s not a huge amount of time in the scheme of things.
But they have been the best years of my life.

A beautiful wife, a lovely daughter, another on the way… it doesn’t get much better.

We got to celebrate by heading into the city for a night by ourselves for the first time since “Pumpkin” was born. I can’t say enough nice things about the Shangri-la. The view from our room was awesome, the room itself was comfy, the cocktail bar (a free cocktail was included with our stay! Woo Hoo!) was awesome, and it was close to all the fun stuff in the city!

So, sanctity of our marriage, I’ll avoid posting pics of my beloved without permission, but I will include some of the the sights & sounds of the evening.

The Harbour

Harbour Bridge

We loved the view from our room. It was pretty during the day & stunning at night!!

A Pear of sidecars

This little puppy is called “A Pear of Sidecars” and was awesome. It felt sophisticated to start the evening with a complimentary cocktail. Even better, the non-alcoholic one that Shona got was just as tasty as mine! That’s always a good sign.

Meat Tasting Board

Oh man, [Red Oak]( in the city was the most awesome surprise of the evening! I’d heard of this micro-brewery, but this was the first time I had been there. What you see above is a meat tasting plate. From top to bottom it is

  1. Prosciutto, bocconcini and baby rocquette salad accompanied by a tasting size of their award winning bitter
  2. Chicken and shitake mushroom croquette with tomato confit accompanied by organic pale ale.
  3. Pork, duck and walnut terrine with pickled eggplant accompanied by Irish red ale, and finally
  4. Baltic Porter and Swiss brown mushroom moussakka accompanied by an oatmeal stout, possibly the nicest stout I’ve ever had.

For mains we shared a Chicken with a parsley & bacon farce braised baby cos lettuce, crushed potato preserved lemon and a spinach and pear relish, as well as Limestone Coast Lamb Sausages, with Oatmeal Stout, garlic, black pepper and parsley, served on a herb mashed potato with Oatmeal Stout jus.

The dessert was the thing I was waiting for, keen to try icecream or chocolates made with beer, but we were so full that I had to hold off!


The “Fraimboise Froment” Raspberry beer was pretty darn amazing too.

We decided to walk off some of our food, cruising down to the harbour. Of course, by the time we had walked for a bit, we found ourselves ready for dessert & the Guylian store.

Guylian Chocolate & Passionfruit

The Passionfruit & chocolate torte was TDF!

So there we go. It was great to have a little time off & even better to have a food & foto night! Good times had by all!


5 thoughts on “Anniversary

  1. Testing comments
    Did you not also eat those chips??
    Did you manage to get a babysitter or did you leave Pumpkin at home? 😉
    Sounds like a ton of fun and good times had by all, I hope Shona is doing well.

  2. Looks amazing! I can’t believe you’ve never been to redoak before. Congrats on 3 years of marriage. I think that’s the only area of life in which I’m your senior

  3. Yes I ate the chips Phil, but I didn’t take any specific pictures of them. I have to say they were amazing. Hand made & with home made aoli.
    Mum offered to look after the bub for the night, so that was how the whole idea started. She just stayed at home & we were gone from mid-morning on tuesday (Shona was at work all day, I worked most of the day & then picked her up in the afternoon) to middle of the day on Wednesday!

    Enough information?

  4. How is this a blast from the past… 3 years.. congrats.. how quickly time passes… glad to see u are well… see u in a while, crocodile hehe yes still teaching

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