Personal Integrity

I have spent a lot of time thinking about this over the years, I may have even blogged about it before, but while I was reading an article in [The Briefing]( the other day I was encouraged again & challenged about how I see my ministry unfolding.

In the article Bruce hall says (I hate that I can’t get quotes to work properly on this blog)

> It is more important to have someone on a team whose character is above reproach and who models Christlikeness than any abilities he might have.

It made me think about those things that I value in myself and others when it comes to ministry.

What is it that I want to spur my parishioners on to? Surely it’s a deep and abiding knowledge of God, which is expressed through their growing more like Christ.

How is it that I seek to bring people to this place? Accepting, that it is the Holy Spirit that is going to do this work, still my responsibility is to preach the gospel winsomely.

But does my focus on this sometimes cloud the fact that the best way to call people to a certain life is to model that life in the way that I live?

OK, this blog is a little too “stream of consciousness” for my liking, so I’m going to try & synthesise.

I can get away with maybe 20 minutes for a sermon on a Sunday morning. Surely I ought to consider how to preach the gospel more effectively in the 23 hours 40 minutes when I’m not at the pulpit?

More thoughts on personal integrity to come, including how a Quarter Pounder might reflect one’s relationship with God.


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