Day Three

Buffet breakfast is definitely the best way to start a day.

Moderation was shelved in favour of a breakxcess (breakfast excess) of Bacon eggs, sausages, mushrooms, smoked salmon, smoked haddock, seasonal fruit, croissants and whatever else I could get my hands on!

Having let that digest a little, we decided that we ought to take a ride on a ferry. Since we had our Zoo Passes we decided that this might be our destination!

I’ll let the pictures do the talking.




The Giraffes were a bit of a highlight for us. Both lovely and unlikely in shape…


This is the view that the Giraffes get to look at every day. I could think of worse ways to spend my time.


This was as close as the Pumpkin got to having a birthday cake over her holiday.


It’s fun to see the people staring out of the scenic flyer as their ferried to the top of the zoo & over all the animals.


I have to say that the shows they put on are very professional. Well worth the wait & lots of fun.


I figure we need at least one Australian animal in the photos. Like any true Aussie he appears to be lazing on the job…


An obligatory picture of Mr. Shuffles is also to be expected.

So that was our time at the Zoo. We caught another ferry back before heading up for a little R&R


Views on the harbour really are magic. I ought to head out there more often.


A lovely wife & gorgeous daughter makes a pretty good view too.

That night Shona & the Bub were both a bit crook, so they decided to rest up in the hotel (Possibly a ruse on Shona’s part to enjoy room service & cable TV) while I went out to enjoy some night photography. I was out there for ages & took a fair few shots, but since my posts are getting longer & longer, I will leave it with just a few.


The cruise ship parked in the harbour was huge! Of course this photo makes it look a little bigger than it really was… It wasn’t quite Harbour Bridge height.


It’s not easy to take an original picture of the Opera House. This is my take…

So, having skimpped on dinner (Thank you Mr. Mcdonald) I decided that I could let loose a little with dessert. We’d noticed in our travells the night before, a Guylian cafe in the rocks. I noticed that night, that I could save 30% of the price by getting take away instead of eating there.
Why, when we have one of the prettiest harbours in the world, would you want to sit on a crowded street & pay top dollar for the privilege?


Guylian’s “100% pleasure,” made of Panna Cotta, surrounded by chocolate mousse, enrobed in a rich chocolate glaze with gold flecks, and finally finished with some shards of rich chocolate and a chocolate orange square on top!

The lion’s share of photos had been taken for the weekend. The vast majority of food had been eaten. All we had left was a swim or two to enjoy in the pool & then a mornign at church in the city to come on Sunday….


2 thoughts on “Day Three

  1. Tim, surely you couldn’t have eaten than entire chocolate extravaganza! It looks enormous! Lovey pics – do like the one of the opera house at night… the black/white look is really good.

  2. What lens are you using for those night shots? I assume a tripod as well?
    I love the cropping on the opera house especially, its nice to see it framed in a different way

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