Day Two!

It’s great to start the day hanging out with the inlaws (I am a lucky man to be able to say that!).

It takes your morning up that extra notch when you then get to have a full hot breakfast!

And another notch when said breakfast costs you the princely sum of $2.95!!!!

Oh the joys of Ikea!

We sauntered around in the store for a little bit, then we showed the depths of our restraint by only buying the mini table & chairs for the bub that we had come for.

At this point we were at a bit of a loss. It was still fairly early in the morning & the room we’d booked at the Intercontinental (a little present to the wife) wasn’t supposed to be ready till 2pm.

A call to the hotel, an assurance that they could look after our bags in the mean time, and off we went! When we got there we even got the lovely news that we could head straight up to our room!

The good news: We had a view of the Harbour Bridge.


The bad news: We were in a room set up for disability. It was the only room with a King sized bed left, and at first it was really attractive, because we knew we’d have a wide door, perfect for prams. Of course, we hadn’t considered that we would also have one of those showers that has no lip at the bottom, so any shower puts water on the whole bathroom floor! A problem when you intend to let your kid sleep in there!

Still, if that is the worst problem you have, you’re doing well! I dealt with it by having showers in the well appointed change rooms near the rooftop pool & gym!

So, back to our day.

We headed off to a local food court where I got to have an all time favourite lunch, [Beef Bibimbap](


Lerle, Shona’s mum, had headed into town to go to the [Art Gallery of NSW]( with a friend, so we met up with her after they were done & spent a lovely hour or two getting a free tour (Lerle’s an art teacher) and having a coffee.






Our afternoon was punctuated by a nice walk through the city to drop Lerle at the train station, and when we passed a cupcake shop on the way home, we were duty-bound to sample their wears (A birthday cupcake for the bub… but of course she needed help eating it!).


We needed a little while after that to unwind. We did that with a bit of relaxation in the room, but it was completed by going down & enjoying a complimentary cocktail down at “The Cortile,” in the hotel’s foyer.


A walk around the harbour afterwards was a lovely way to go, followed by a beer & dinner at the [Belgian Beer Cafe](


By this time it was all we could do to stare in the windows of potential dessert places. Not another morsel was going to pass our mouths, but that was just fine. We’d certainly had a full & entertaining day, and to think we had two more to enjoy!!!


2 thoughts on “Day Two!

  1. Great photos Tim, and you managed to get one with my favourite Australian artist in it! can you guess?
    Sounds like a great day… did you see the Archibald?

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