Thomas Cranmer

Twitter has been a real phenomenon for many people.

There was that big race to see which star could manage to get a million followers, a million people who wanted to know all about how much BBQ sauce they put on their steak, how long the queue was at the bank or any other kind of mindless minutiae from their lives.

I’ve always preferred actual blogs for that reason. People usually think a little more about what they’re saying and you have a delightful insight, not just into their preference in condiments, but into all those things that are important in their lives.

It was some of famous bloggers that got me interested in being online. It’s endlessly fascinating to see how the life of [Wil Wheaton](, has changed and grown since his early days as [Wesley Crusher]( and [Gordie Lachance](
For all of my hopes, gaining an insight into the lives of the rich and famous, I never thought I would get the chance to read a blog by the great [Thomas Cranmer.](

Apparently being burned at the stake in 1556 wasn’t enough to keep him down, and now he has lots of spare time to comment on politics and theology. According to Dan (who passed the link on to me) he even has an email conversation with Richard Dawkins!

Will the wonders of the internet ever end?


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