Loving Calvin & Hobbes

*Calvin:* Hobbes, do you think our morality is defined by our actions, or what’s in our hearts?
*Hobbes:* I think our actions SHOW what’s in our hearts…
*Calvin:* (after a moment’s contemplation) I resent that!!!

I love so much about the cartoon. I own a bunch of the collections & I re-read them every year or so. In particular, I like the fact that Bill Watterson engages with big questions about the nature of existence, art & theology. For example, the dialogue above (Watterson was quite outspoken about his thoughts on merchandising & copyright, so I won’t breach by posting the actual cartoon) really cuts to the heart of human nature!

We like to think we are good. People generally appeal to “the good inside,” but really, when you look at our actions nationally, and personally, one realises that we really are quite immoral people.

I guess it’s symmetrical to see Calvin the cartoon actually supporting his [namesake’s](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Calvin) theological viewpoint!


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